Friday, May 28, 2010

With Some Form of External Support, This Will Get Done

[For the sake of this journal and the following story, from this point onwards I'm calling my agency Empoder -- short for empoderamiento = empowerment in Spanish]

George, a client who has several mental health conditions that impair his ability to perform daily living skills on his own without some support (i.e. budgeting, advocating for himself). He and I worked closely in the last two years on issues relating to mental and physical health as well as budgeting and I've seen him becoming independent in some aspects while being aware of his limitations. For example, George knew about his move in date to a new apartment for some time, but was having -- understandably -- a very difficult time getting prepared for it. Another agency was helping him but it looked like they weren't reliably involved in the process.

As weeks went by and we better understood how much prep work needed to still be done and the scope of what needed to be done in addition to packing (that the other agency wasn't doing) we started becoming a lot more involved in the process.

Each time I met with George the past month -- which was typically around 2-3 times a week, he would often say, "With God's grace I'll get through this. He's there when no one else is," and go home and not be able to get much done because of his own barriers.

A coworker of mine met with George last week and he was in a particularly talkative mood, talking about his love and trust in God. "God is going to help me move to my new apartment," he said, "God is going to see me through this." My coworker later confessed to me that her instinctive response to this: "Yes, with the help of God -- [emphatically] and/ Empoder!"

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