Thursday, June 17, 2010

On Becoming Senior Staff

I had a small realization earlier this week: Only three case managers remain in the agency who are more senior (in terms of time) than I am and even that may change in the near future. I didn't really think about it before and it caught me with a hint of surprise. Similar to the feeling of going to peel a banana and realizing that I already ate half of it.
My coworkers' approaching me with questions has reminded me of my tendency of not wanting to commit to an answer or statement ("You should do this to clean the kid's urine stain off the mattress") unless I'm 100% sure of it. So if I don't know and need to give an immediate answer I hmmmm and turn to the internet or a binder and that's when I see the true patience of my coworker. Will he wait while I skim through a website or start taking a few steps back before skipping to the next office and ask another coworker?

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