Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Practical Life Skills Workshop

I'd like to run a workshop where I discuss practical skills with clients. These would include:

Keep ALL your rent receipts
It's your only proof you're paying rent. If you don't get a rent receipt keep a copy of your money order.

Out of Your Monthly Expenses Pay Rent First
Very few emergencies take precedence over the one payment that will keep you in your apartment.

Always get a photocopy of an important document when you get the chance.
Imperative for case manager and extremely helpful for client to have a copy of ID, social security card, income info, health insurance cards, to name a few big ones.

Get the Name, the Name of the Person You Talked to
Me: "Who's your public aid case worker?"
Client: "I don't know, I think she's Asian."

Doesn't help me find out who she is. In the worse case scenario, talking to someone without getting her name means the conversation never took place. Get last name too if possible. And for larger agencies like IRS it's sometimes possible to get a representative's ID #.

Get the Phone Number of the Person You Talked to
Close relative to getting the name of the representative/agent you talked with. Sure, once you get disconnected from a phone conversation with a large cable company the chances of finding the same rep again are the same as winning the lottery but in other cases reps have their own direct number. And on that thought:

Leave Your Number in Voicemail so I/Other Providers Can Call You Back
Otherwise how would I know how to find you, potential new client identifying herself as Sara Unclearlastname?

Making Your Own Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Agents
All right, so this would easily be made into its own workshop but I wouldn't be able to resist sharing a few tips. Did you know lemon is kills mold? Many green home made products can be concocted easily and cheaply.

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