Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ask Me How Not Asking for Help Worked for Me

I got a call from reception letting me know Harry was in the lobby asking for me. Harry had showed up with no notice and asked me for help in going to the doctor. Though it wasn't exactly an emergency situation I decided to accompany him. I spoke to my supervisor Feona to let her know where I was going and the two of us left for the clinic that was down the street a few blocks away.

About halfway there I realized that I should've asked for another staff member to come with me. For sake of confidentiality I prefer not to go into details. I will say that If I had thought the trip through for 10 seconds I would've realized I needed a hand. I did end up getting a bit of needed help from a kind passerby.

Sometimes I'm not very good about asking for help. I get prideful or feel a sense of obligation that I need to take care of a task by myself. It's an obnoxious attitude that true, at times I need to have it -- at moments that I need to solve a problem by myself. Other times though it's easier to avoid the hassle and just ask.

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