Monday, July 19, 2010

A Vent Denied

Just like there are those times clients just need you to listen to them vent, there are those moments that I just need my coworkers to listen to me rant. And there are few things more frustrating than vents denied.

Worry not coworker, you'll have your chance to tell me that my client is acting entitled or manipulative because she's doing what she needs to do to survive or because she has mental illness or because of another very logical reason. That will come later. Give me a few minutes to lay it out before this starts. And no suggestions of me needing to calm down because that doesn't work.
Now I'm not talking about cases when a case manager vents out of proportion -- when every second sentence is a bitter client -related comment or if she shows other signs of compassion fatigue. I'm just talking about the occasional waltzing into someone's office, ranting for a bit, followed by decompression/debriefing. Perhaps with a dramatic exit to wrap it all it.

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