Thursday, August 12, 2010

Carrying All Your Possessions with You

I'm on my way to visit a client and see a stack of dozens of bags and boxes laid out a block away. A few steps closer I see they're lying right by a bus stop. Only when I pass them do I see their owner sitting on the sidewalk, his face turned away from the sun. 

The vulnerability of having your belongings out in the open and having to move them, everything you own, each time you move from one place to another isn't something I fully grasp.
 I  pass by and can't help but think about the logistics of needing to move all these items on your own. It's not an uncommon sight to see folks experiencing homelessness in the neighborhoods we serve, but usually I don't see folks carrying a lot of bags with them.

Though I work with clients who're at risk to lose their housing (due to financial challenges, for example) the vast majority of my clients are already housed. A lot of exposure I have to people experiencing homelessness is through other case managers in my agency or passing by homeless folks outside. And of course, through accounts that I've read in books and such. I appreciate working for an agency that (through other departments) reaches out to people who experience homelessness.

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