Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding a Release

I've gotten involved in a community comedy sketch group in the last couple of months. A couple of people in the group have several years of experience either in acting or improv and occasionally take the role of teachers in our sessions. My only previous experience with acting is taking a couple of high school drama classes.

It has been an incredible release. I've particularly been enjoying doing improv which is a more freestyle form of acting. It has been great to take part in a creative activity (and something that has nothing to do with anything relating to my work). That being said, one growing challenge, as we've been learning more skills, is juggling them in a short time -- sometimes scenes are as short as 30 seconds. In that time you need to develop a character, react to your partner, stick to the same initial choice you make (for example, in mood), interact with an imaginary environment. It feels likes I'm juggling 8 balls when I'm fairly comfortable juggling just two.

I was trying to think what I should concentrate on most during improv scenes. I think working on my character and reacting to my partner is what I need to focus on. It shouldn't be work I remind myself. It should be a game. Playful. I need that.

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