Saturday, August 21, 2010

Odd/Uncomfortable Moments With Clients and Staff (Part 4)

Me: Did you decide who you're going to vote for (in the local elections)?
Client (curtly): That's none of your business.

(During Job interview over the phone between prospective employer and client)
Prospective employer: What's your phone number?
Client: I don't like that question. I'm done with this interview. (Client hangs up)
(Case manager regrets referring client to employer)

Message left on my answering machine: Hi, I'm calling from (four states away) to talk about someone who needs services in your city--

Staff member: Did you know that (client's name) passed away?
Me: No.
A fair mistake (staff member's delivery), perhaps. But for the future -- New rule: Always assume your coworker doesn't know that her client has passed away.

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