Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taking a Closer Look at Subjects of Psychology Studies

Giridharadas's article in the New York Times raises a valuable question through exploring a recent study published in Behavioral and Brain Studies criticizing psychology studies' narrow subject base

I remember discussing this in a psychology class. Many subjects of psychology studies not only often come from western countries (frequently the US) but tend to be college students as well. Could some studies' results be extrapolated to society at large when this is such a narrow segment of the population? Consider one example: Individualism and choice are both highly regarded values in US society. These values are not necessarily shared with more traditional societies.

As a side note (and for this you need to read the article): 50 ice cream flavors to choose from?? I would much rather only choose from 10. Fifty choices sound to me mostly an overwhelming number of options.

Article was linked to on American Psychological Association's Psychology NewsWire.

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