Monday, September 27, 2010

Allure of Gift Cards and Clients

A few weeks ago my agency got a limited number of gift cards for a large department store. I'm actually surprised it took this long for word of mouth to spread about them but a few clients approached me today and asked if I had one. 

How to answer this question diplomatically... Though I still have a few left I've put them aside for specific clients who're particularly high need -- i.e. clients going through a crisis situation, a couple of families, client who's paying the brunt of her income towards rent. If I know the client's financial situation and I haven't included him in my list of card recipients I usually answer, "Sorry, those cards have been accounted for already," and then try to get an idea of how they're doing financially (is there an update in their financial situation? Are they open to talking about their budgeting? The latter a rare but encouraging occurrence). It's still possible to brainstorm some budgeting ideas in this case (whether in saving or increasing income), although granted these aren't as appealing as the idea of receiving a gift card.

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