Wednesday, September 1, 2010

To Helpful People Along the Way

Numerous providers from doctors to social workers to interns to receptionists and so on have helped me along my professional way these past few years. This is an ode to them. 

A lawyer who researched a different area of the law while he and I were talking on the phone.

Anyone who has sent me information on an upcoming free training opportunity (taking part in these is the closest thing I have to going to school right now too).

Being sent back and forth from one department to another at a hospital while walking with an injured client to finally confronting a nurse near our wit's end and having him help us quickly and kindly. 

For representatives who asked aloud "Hmmm... Can I do that?.." and went ahead and faxed me the soon-to-be-ever-valuable copy of an application (that would then be dispersed to all the case managers and to clients who needed them instead of going through the entire process of getting the form each time).

The doctor who picked off a bed bug from my client's coat with a piece of tissue without hesitating.

A social worker who didn't give up on trying to get a hold of me even through playing phone tag for over a week.

An encouraging word here and there. 

This is just a token of my appreciation for these gestures from the many people I've talked with over the past three and some years whether I got their names or not. HA! Trick statement, I always get the names.

Thanks to everyone who fights the fight in whatever way she or he does it.


Btrflygl said...

Ah, great post. With so much negativity out makes my day, week, month.........often YEAR when I run across people like this. Is it really so RARE too? It often feels that way..........

Anatolia said...

Ha, I know what you mean Btrflygl about it feeling rare at times, particularly during tough days or weeks when I feel I'm not catching a break, but it does happen a lot and sometimes in small but such meaningful gestures. (Heh, though this may be what I try and think to help me stick in this field for over three years ;) )