Monday, October 4, 2010

A Couple of Grrrr Comments

1. I got a voicemail from a client last week that was perfectly clear except for one word. What was your diagnosis? It sounded like it started with a T... Maybe had three syllables? Which OK, I can just call the client back. But I just talked to this client once that day and twice the day before and it takes Herculean efforts to keep these calls less then 7 minutes long.

2. On another note, how grrrring is it when you're waiting for a call back from a provider (i.e. the ever elusive public aid case worker) and you keep getting calls from one client. Not necessarily the client for whom you're trying to reach the provider, just a frequent caller. Like every other day frequent.

Show me love provider! Or I will be forced to pull a frequent caller move on you!

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