Thursday, October 14, 2010

Don't Blindly Believe What a Client Says About

A staff member who you don't particularly get along with or dare I say it, like on a professional level. A reminder to myself...

"[Staff member] Debbie said that you'd be able to help me with security deposit to a new apartment," says client Julia and my instinct reaction, since I don't always get along with Debbie, is to think, Debbie grrrrr, why are you committing my department???

Based on past experiences Debbie has done a few things that wouldn't make this statement sound too outlandish. But maybe she told Julia that my department may help and it turned into will help by the time Julia spoke to me. Maybe she just told Julia Debbie to talk to me.

It's funny how easier it is to give staff (and regular people) the benefit of the doubt when you get along well with them. All in the perception.


Anonymous said...

The other way around, it is also easier to disbelieve a client when you don't get along with them or when you like the staff member they're talking about.

Anatolia said...

Very true! It's good to be aware of this tendency.