Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't Ask Me What You Should Do

To then take the exact opposite action. Ba! I've realized that giving advice (be it to clients, friends, long distance boyfriends, etc) is like giving a gift (not the metaphor, a physical gift) -- you don't know what the person's gonna do with it once you hand it over.

And no, I know how case manager/client dynamic works, I know the route of discussing-options-until-client-comes-to-his-choice/solution. But if you, the client, are going to ask me for advice on certain situations I will say what I think without much discussion because in some situations there's little room to debate. There may be more room to discuss how to deal with a tenant's issue in getting maintenance issues fixed, for example. But take specific diet choices -- I know that eating three candy bars a day isn't healthy, and yes, I will bring up alternative healthy options. "It's your choice," I will emphasize, but I'll also emphasize possible drawbacks of consuming junk food. I'll entertain the possibility of continuing to eat copious amounts of junk food in a negative light.

What, people who care about my life style don't make suggestions to me all the time? And don't I ign-- take their words seriously and then decide whether it's advice that's convenient enough for me to follow? Though sometimes even if I don't take advice right away and do something different some of the advice sticks.

Gotta keep myself in check of the ease in which it is to look at another person and see what choices she's making that are harmful to herself and think, why doesn't she just do this? (Though it is hard to see a person take action that hurts himself)

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