Monday, November 15, 2010

It's Good to Be out in the Field

"Hi Anatolia!" A man's voice grabs me out of my daze of walking down the street during my lunch break.

The benefits of being out and about in the field during work hours, especially in the neighboring neighborhoods as many of my clients live near Empoder. The other day I bumped into a client I haven't seen in several months. He's one of about a dozen clients on my case load who doesn't have a phone which makes staying in touch difficult. "How are you doing?" He asked. I got a short update on how he was doing, then he said that he still wanted to change his primary physician, something he wanted to do last time we talked. We agreed he'll stop by to follow up with an appointment.

Bumping into clients is either a good way of reconnecting with a client who fell off the radar or find out that a less stable/follow through client is still around. 

On an amusing level it sometimes becomes a little cool boost. Check out all these people recognizing me on the streets and shouting hello at me. It reinforces a sense of community between me and my clients. I also sometimes see clients walking together who I know have met through our social events/workshops which makes me happy.

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