Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Me Again Provider, Leaving a Message on Your VM

I'm going to be the message you hear on your voice mail every day. Until you call me back and let me know the status of my client's food stamps / make the referral for the specialist / call me back to discuss my client's housing situation. 

I've learned some tricks in my time. Being a pest is one way to get what you need in this field. Only takes five minutes of my time. I can do that. 

I don't go the daily call route in every situation, sure, but when I see the metaphorical "this will drag on" light go on while talking to a client I know what I need to do. At a time when I'm sitting in my office talking with a client on the phone and he says something like, "I've been going to public aid for the past month trying to sort out my food stamps and I brought the paperwork my case worker needed but my stamps still haven't started! My wife and I have no food at home."

Or I'm talking with a client who has Medicaid and realize that it'll be a battle to get him to see a specialist three weeks from now (if that) and that as he's having a tough medical condition and isn't able to sit at ER for the day, that calling the specialist scheduler once every two days is a good way to try and see if we can squeeze her earlier. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when I'm doing it (advocating/annoying providers) for other people it's in some ways easier than doing it for myself.

Update (12/9/2010): Apparently waiting to hear back involves me hanging at my office during my lunch hour because those are the only times I hear back from a couple of you providers. Sneaky!

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Btrflygl said...

Yup. I have also been known to fax letters daily with a cover sheet saying "2nd request, 3rd request, FOURTH request..........etc.

I also am sure our office has a pretty large Fed Ex bill too because I bug people that way, as well........