Thursday, December 16, 2010

Removing Myself from this Seesaw

Even I, who typically have a lot of patience with my clients, am done. We first turned on internet service per your request at your apartment (calling provider together, working out details**), then called together to turn it off (for reasons that unfortunately didn't relate to service itself) and now you want it on again.

It was one thing if each of these calls didn't take 40 minutes either (what classical music will we hear this time for those 20 30 minutes we wait to talk to a rep?). I went ahead and was able to support you through the process twice because I understood why you needed help but I'm going to help you now by encouraging you to call yourself (we could even go over what you'd say) or directing you to locations that have free internet. 

** How I loathe the 'special deals' internet/phone flyers that give you a price of $19.99 that is not close to what you end up paying. I really would respect a company for giving you a realistic idea of what you're gonna pay up front.

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Btrflygl said...

I understand how you feel. I have a client who is totally independent in many tasks. However, every so often he will give me a "list" of things to complete for him that he's ALREADY completed.......but he plays the "I am not able to do these things on my own" card. I guess he thinks I'm not busy enough already.