Sunday, February 13, 2011

Social Workers with Family Lives I Commend You

All right so we all have a personal lives with their string of obligations but nevertheless, I'd like to give out an acknowledgement to social workers and case managers who have family lives. The women and men who give and work hard at their day (or night) jobs and come home to their family commitments, their kids and/or spouses/family members they take care of. Sure, ideally it's a rewarding relationship but it's demanding as well. And certainly many life situations bring their own set of challenges, but in this case I was thinking specifically about social workers with families.

Here are a few social work online journals I follow of writers with families (I suspect there quite a few I follow who live with their immediate families but don't share this on their website):

Amy at Amy's Life in Brief
Btrflygl at Social Worker Mom
A Shameless Agitator's Inner Dialogue

Go here to see more online journals I follow. I plan to continue and expand my list of blogs I follow in future posts.

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muscbass said...

Awwww, thanks for the mention!