Saturday, February 19, 2011

Therapy Becomes a Real Option

In the past, through tougher personal times, the means with which I handled these issues didn't really include an option of seeing a therapist. Pride and a need to be self sufficient drove me to believe that I should be able to ultimately handle issues on my own. That if I have a problem (something fairly ongoing, that's consistent and weighs heavy on my mind, or an emotional issue) that I talk to my closest support network about it, write out my thoughts on paper, ruminate a little and ultimately get over it. Typically this worked for me.

Recently though this hasn't been enough. I tried some new techniques. I kept seeing the advice of breathing deeply and it's good advice. It helped. I wanted to pursue meditation (of the guided variety). But I'm thinking I would get more support with additional guidance from a therapist.

I understand that there's no shame in asking for help and it's not like I don't look for it in friends or family. But for me the step between this and seeking a therapist was something that I hadn't considered as a real option. It's a humbling place to be in. But therapy is something I'm now actively working on getting.

If you're reading this and relating to how I feel, follow your instincts and find more support. I do realize each person gets to this place on his/her own pace, but I'd like to encourage you to get the support you need.

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