Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pattern in Dynamics with Another Person

Me: "All right, so you're emailing me the document????"
Provider: "Yes, I'll do that right now!!!!"
Me: "All right thanks!!!"
Provider: "Sure. You're welcome!!!"

So went the last exchanges in a rather frenzied conversation with another provider. It was a positive interaction, and the fellow case worker helped in solving my client's quandary, but both he and I spoke in a tone that could best be described as stress!!!!! I could hear how the provider on the other end was already thinking of the next task he needed to take care of at the end of our conversation.

This got me thinking about how we respond to other providers or clients, particularly once there's an established relationship. We develop a dynamic with each person we meet and with each new relationship a pattern develops. We expect client A to resist our suggestions or look forward to client B's enthusiasm to tackle a challenge. Which means that from the beginning of our appointment my attitude with client A is going to be more guarded but I'm also going to expect that the session to be difficult which in turn may very well mean a difficult exchange. We do like patterns as people but sometimes they work against us.

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