Monday, May 9, 2011

Now I need to Advocate for Myself.. Hold Up..

It's going to be easy for me to plead, speak assertively, and demand to speak to a supervisor if my insurance issue doesn't get resolved/apartment maintenance issue isn't dealt with (OK fine, that one doesn't involve a supervisor exactly). I do that every other day with a client. I'm ready to go!!

Hmmm. It's not quite the same to advocate for myself though. It feels challenging (though it depends on how complicated the issue is as well). Not because I don't think I'm deserving of fair treatment. Somehow it's easier to do if I imagine I'm doing it for someone else. Perhaps in a similar way to it being difficult to ask for a promotion for myself. Maybe also because in case manager mode I speak with certain authority that's good to apply in some personal situations as well..

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