Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Apprehension that Things May Get Better

It took me some time to appreciate... An unlikely challenge to achieving a goal: It's scary to think things may get better (more so when it involves making a new healthy or otherwise positive choice). It's scary to step outside a pattern, even if that pattern causes chaos or anxiety. Going through a similar cycle brings a sense of comfort. It may be painful but it's familiar. The idea that things may get better may actually cause anxiety.

I've observed this in clients and others as well as in myself. Apprehension about things improving adds another layer of struggle when trying to work towards a goal. It is funny because it sounds so illogical.Why wouldn't you want something to get better? Yet we are creatures of patterns and years of habit, even the way in which we grew up may set the stage to certain types of behavior. These may be changed but it's not unusual for this to be a process.

I plan to write more about goal setting in a future post.

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