Saturday, July 16, 2011

Drawback of Stuff Swap Community Events

I was at a stuff swap community gathering a few days ago. For folks not familiar with this idea, people bring items they don't need (hopefully still in usable if not good condition) and take other items for free. Terrific concept. Reuse, recycle. Giving away items you don't need instead of throwing them away. I loved that it was on a larger scale level too, that people who didn't know each other took party in it. I've been to clothes swapping parties before, for example, but with friends.

I couldn't help but think though, while I was perusing the booths, of folks who aren't throwing items away but only adding more. That several people are coming away from the event with more items to apartments already overrun with belongings. I wondered if having a system would be helpful. For example, that for bringing a certain number of items to the event you may take away that same number of items. You bring 6 items and may take up to 6 items home. I wonder if this would help.

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