Monday, September 26, 2011

A Few Requests for Home Visits

It's good to do home visits. Suddenly you're in the clients' territory where they're comfortable. You learn a lot from doing home visits, including some things you would not know from only having a client visit you. Like how many people actually live in the apartment. What condition it's in. Glimpse into what their home life looks like. It's a pretty intimate view, really.

I do appreciate clients taking a few steps in making you, the case manager, comfortable.

1. To the question is (wearing) my towel enough ... The answer would be a no.

2. Try and make space for the case manager to sit somewhere. It doesn't have to be furniture if this is an issue, of course. But it's great when there's a clear area to sit.

3. Try not to be surprised when your case manager shows up at the time you had scheduled to meet (also known as I can hear you in there...).

Though I don't expect the following by any means, I'm grateful when a client offers me something to drink. Not sure why -- it's the symbolism of it more than anything.

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