Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let's See that Happen

"Anatolia, I'm going to stop by Empoder. When can I see you?"

I have a couple of prospective clients who occasionally stop me outside of Empoder and 'threaten' to stop by and set up an appointment with me. Each came in and set up an intake appointments with me multiple times and didn't show up. After finding myself in my office, third or fourth time around, wondering where oh where has my resident gone, I realized perhaps it wasn't the right time for them and I to meet.

Finally I said to each, "Let me know when you're ready to see me." It's not that people always make their intake appointments. Some people come in to Empoder and I set up an initial appointment with them and don't see them again. Others miss the first appointment, perhaps even miss two, but after they'll likely follow up fairly quickly (if only for the initial appointment).

With these rare folks it seems they don't want case management services though they get something from our short exchanges. How are you, how's it going. Knowing they have an option for case management in the future.