Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pacing, a Success

A client came in to see me earlier this week and laid out in length how things have been going with her and her mom for the past month. Benefit issues, housing challenges, legal questions. A lot may happen in a month. Most of the issues she brought up we would absolutely be able to collaborate on but not in one session. I need to fight back this impulse that still lurks in the back of my mind, tempting me to look into a pool of challenges and issues and look back at my client and say, OK, *deep breathe*, let's jump in. And swim around trying to grab at as many challenges as possible to tackle them in one session...... But it's just not practical. And this way it gets harder to remember how to prioritize what needs to get done first.

I listened and took down notes while my client talked. I asked her what she wanted to work with me on for our session. "I want to find a new doctor that accepts Medicare," she said, a topic that she interestingly had not brought up yet. We prioritized what she wanted to get done from what she had talked about. And talked about how to get her a doctor.

I was glad I that I was able to stay in the big picture mindset. My client and I knew what she wanted to get done and knew what the game plan was. Though the game plan may change and priorities may also, putting some structure keeps things organized.

To a happy, healthy, laughter filled new year and one where we challenge ourselves and one another. Throw some love in there too.