Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clients' Issues are Typically Complex

I've been trying to practice more self-compassion, having realized that I'm fairly tough on myself when it comes to doing my job. See my pacing posts, most aptly the last one I wrote. I want to be able to support my clients and get frustrated at myself when I'm not able to help them solve their challenge as quickly as I would like or when I fail to have a straightforward solution. I thought about this recently and considered something -- the fact that clients' issues and challenges are often complex. If they were simple, my clients wouldn't need the degree of outside support they need. Complex issues may need a step by step approach. Clients need to follow through on the joint plan between them and the case manager. And in situations when, for example, a client shows up 3 months behind rent, and is already being taken to court, a case manager's approach is different (read support is more limited) than if the client showed up the first month he got behind. Our clients need to be accountable to a degree for their choices. As case managers we do the best we can, and at the same time hold our clients accountable for their choices (considering the circumstances they made the choices in, but it's ultimately positive to hold our clients accountable).

This post is to all case managers who set high standards of the support they provide to clients.

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